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Laser Requirements

Indoor: (Typical) 3 Phase - ``Wye", 208 VAC, 40 Amps

Outdoor: (Typical) 3 Phase - ``Wye", 208 VAC, 150 Amps Or 480 VAC, 70Amp. If a generator is to be used, it must have a physical ground rod or equivalent, subject to approval.

Also: 3 Utillity Outlets At 20Amp Each


Supply: U.S. Standard Garden Hose Fitting:(3-5GPM), 3/8" Supply Line Or Greater, A Typical Location Janitor Supply Closet, Or On The Side Of Building.

Drain: Should Be Able To Support A Continuous Discharge Equal Or Greater Than The Supply Line. KLS Will Supply All Pumps & Hoses Within 200'.


See Drawings Of A Typical Show:

[Indoor] [Outdoor] [ Beam Projector]


Safety Concerns ?

Feel confident, knowing were on the job...

Kozmic Lazer Show maintains a million dollar 'Pyrotechnics & Stage Effects' liability policy. KLS is licensed by the AFT and works very closely with all Fire Departments. All our operators comply with state regulations on Special Effect Operator Certifications. For each show, we procure all storage, state and local permits. KLS provides pyrotechnic refresher seminars, to various fire departments for their field inspector staff. If you see a pyrotechnics display in a nightclub or suspect an unsafe condition, please call the local police dispatch and they will notify fire authorities (see FAQ). In Nashville that number is 615.862.8600 .

KLS is varianced by the Food & Drug Administration's CDRH Division, and Tennessee Department of Radiological Health. All electro-optical components including the optical table are in full compliance with Federal Regulations. We are in constant communication with airport control towers for outdoor laser activity.

The primary hazard of light show lasers is eye damage. Higher power lasers also have some burn and fire hazards. However, no light show laser can do science-fiction type damage or disintegration.

Both equipment and show site must be made safe so beams cannot go into the audience. If you see a laser light display shining into the audience, attempt to gather the companies name and report this to the FDA (see FAQ). We are extremely interested in safety, both as a preventative measure and projecting our industry in a refulgent light.

Governmental regulatory agencies must be notified in writing before lasers can be used. Thus far, the regulations have worked well. There have been no reported injuries in the United States from light show lasers since U.S. federal regulations took effect in 1976.


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