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Press Release - KLS "50th Anniversary of Apollo 11" 2019

Space Center 50th Apollo - Photo 3 - KLS Mark

Press Release - KLS "Lighting Dimensions" Article. (PDF)

Press Release - Pyro Seminar for Nashville Fire Dept. (PDF)

Press Release - KLS Pyro in 84 Regal Cinemas. (HTML)

Press Release - Effective May 1, 2007 statewide, it will be a Class B Misdemeanour to use any size pyro effect (1.4, 1.3 or flame effects), inside or outside, without meeting the new requierments. KLS is serving on the TN. State Fireworks Advisory Council. It was formed to implement, suggest changes and formulate testing standards for our new TN State Fireworks Law (PDF). This will require all Firework and Pyrotechnic related events to have $1,000,000 in "Pyrotechnic" insurance and use a TN State Licensed Operator. This person must also have, or work under a company with a TN Exhibitor License. The TN. Operator must also have an ATF Licenses for flash powders and low explosives.

How it relates to TN. Film & Video Community


Press Release  - KLS Launches the SATURN V (PDF)



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